Ok first we now we live in a modern world and almost everything is on reach of our hands doesnt mother on net or in some social surrounding or in books so that’s like is also with the info about relationships and how to menage them but I will sey that even we got this is not so easy why..?clipart-thinking-man-11

You know way…because our fears and approaches


Wie read and prepare our self ‘s and when the moment comes is like we are the Stupids Peoples in this world and like we have hot potato in our trouts you now what am talking about .


Belive or not you have two options accorded to my experience.

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Option 1


You have ability for control you fears from failure.Convict your self that you are the men and according to all natural and social lows you are the one who no mater what you must do the first talk.And positive mind-set because wat men think that attract from the universe .

You are the predator and warrior and the women is your prey she is your mountain is your fortress and you have to concord,to hunt and is up to you to do the first steps.Take all you confidence what you can take and go just go and even if you come to the point like up in the text and a moment before your hunt from prey suddenly this girl became a predator still you can use the second option that is plan B.


Option 2 (plan b 😉


Imagine this you are standing before this person and suddenly you are block and that it’s I suggest that you tell this like it is to the girl,and just to sey hi I am sorry but I want you to tell you so many nice thing but now when I am standing before you I just forgot every thing even my name I just can’t remember a word .

And you fill in this very moment like the most stupid person in this world like you are 5 feet underground , but doesn’t mater you have to stay straight and…

I guarantee you she will talk you back like:

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Aaa come-on is not so bed, or ouu player you are not so naive,or a some thing ironic like do I look like stupid girl or i don’t know can be like everything and that is our start position for future

Or you get nothing and every thing has a mining like she have a boyfriend or some other reason but for that later my point is even if you make a self full is not end of a world,and some times you can get a chance and even be succesful.

And if not enlist for you will be a step closer to your self-confidence  try it . Ooh and I am forgetting the most important part every other gay is your opponent and doesn’t mother hiss aperients  just this girl is there for you and ignorance is your best weapon for your self-confidence also in the eyes of the girl.

Wish you success !


Boy’s to Men

Hi there boy’s

I am not an expert and I am not psychologist

for relationships.


Yes I am just a regular gay ho have luck with

women’s and I am beautiful ha ha ha …

No I am a gay who have a lots of female friend’s

and a lot of ex-girlfriends so I have an experience

with women’s.


First I have a lots of problems for overwhelming my fears

of failure when I spoke to the girls that I like. With lots of

effort and practising and a lot of reading I have start to

make some success. Slow I have fought

  first with my self , my fear and all

those inner voices. I guess you now what I am talking about.c28a770574995a27c6dd7e32e9a14283

In time I have made some experience and I whant to

shere that with you.

First and most valuable lesion is SELF CONFIDENCE no matter what

and a little bit of dignity.

Second You must be funny and entertainng but for that lather…

Seee you or Reaaad you…



We all have friends but what make them friends ?

I see my friends like they are part of me .friendship-794585

I now they are always there for me and me for them …. ahhh comm on

nothing is soo pink even friend are not and that is ok no one is perfect .

A very bad approach is when friend have a meaning for us theat we are slaves to them and as a friend we must be there 24/7 for them and only for company? no thanks.


I have friends few but wordy to call them friends they are positive and the time spend with them is like dream it fly like a moment .

And at the end family man can’t choose but friend we chose carefully.




Take a bucket of optimism

A bucket of optimism with you …  With  our love ones, with our friends our c

A bucket of optimism with you …  With  our love ones, with our friends our colleges because very often you will meat someone who lost every hope , and need a  few drops optimism from your bucket

The most beautiful thing is that how much more you give much more come back to us.

olleges because very often you will meat someone who lost every hope , and need a  few drops optimism from your bucket

The most beautiful thing is that how much more you give much more come back to ourselves full and ready for the next day.freedom-300x208

Hello World

Hi there world

I am a Pepi


This is my first blog post and I promise you that it will be a lots positive things together we will make this place a charger for positive energy and a beautiful moments. For start a nice Sommer track …

Wish you all a beautiful day


See you soon.